morgenam_logo_clean-transp_XL_white.png is our Amsterdam based music outlet, label and agency.

six young artists collaborating, creating tomorrow's episodes in electronic music.
one artist family producing riveting releases and playing many shows around.

we make fun, get involved and enjoy the music.


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ME.N.U. represents the following: Dark but groovy. Deep but powerful. Smooth but spacey. Simple but Intense. He organises his own social responsible events called Revoltziya and often tours the South East Europe. 
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Olaf Stuut LIVE

The auditory craftsman producing music unclassifiable within a genre. He takes you on compelling journeys and tonal adventures with surprising sounds coming from everywhere.

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Hubert Kirchner LIVE & DJ

Hubert Kirchner is our youngest and most promising talent. Locking himself up in his studio obsessively, he has been producing nothing other than beautiful music. On stage he releases his built up energy in staggering performances.

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Some Chemistry DJ

Some Chemistry, the new age nomad with South American blood and Amsterdam heart. Curator of the Next Mondays Hangover, PRISMA, Pixel, Buiten Westen & De Zon festivities and allround electronic chameleon sharing deep bass sounds. 

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La Vondèl LIVE & DJ

La Vondèl is your funky house DJ and live performer. .

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Francesco Robustelli & Trippin Jaguar

Francesco Robustelli stands for minimal infused, grooving house with a touch of deep techno.  As a live-act and DJ he has been providing sophisticated beats for clubs and festivals all over Europe.

Cats have their own taste of medicines. But like catnip, some plants induce other effects. Could something deeper be happening? - Trippin Jaguar -

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 Francesco Robustelli LIVE / DJ
 Hubert Kirchner LIVE / DJ
 La Vondèl LIVE / DJ
 Olaf Stuut LIVE
 Some Chemistry DJ
 Studio.Morgen LIVE / DJ
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